At Artesano Copper Sinks we offer 4 types of beautiful finishes:

  • Our most popular finish is the Café Viejo and is primarily dark to medium brown with black hues. (Best matching faucet & drain finish is Oil Rubbed Bronze)
  • Our exclusive Fuego has golden and copper tones. This finish is generally applied in circular motions. (Best matching faucet & drain finish is Antique Copper)
  • Our Natural finish is the most rustic and versatile copper sink finish. It is truly unique; with orange, black , brown and reddish tones. (Best matching faucet & drain finish is Oil Rubbed Bronze or Fired Copper)
  • Our Satin Nickel is a custom finish and is only build to order. (Best matching faucet & drain finish is Satin Nickel)

Copper in general and in particular the finishes of our copper sinks are very simple to maintain since they do not show fingerprints as stainless steel or shiny copper does. Our products will progressively develop a gorgeous patina overtime; they will become a richer/darker color. As your copper sink ages, it will adopt its own character and unique look.

The way to keep your copper basin in optimal condition is to keep it clean by wiping it down after each use with a soft cloth. For basic cleaning, simply use a mild soap and warm water. Other cleaners are not necessary. Do not use harsh abrasives or copper cleaners. For extra protection, products such as Renaissance Wax, Flitz Faucet and Fixture Wax may be applied to the copper surface periodically. These seals will help maintain the luster of the copper and provide better water runoff.

Our Café Viejo, Natural and Fuego finishes will all naturally continue to patina over time, meaning they will become more beautiful and darker in color. If acidic items such as lemons, vinegar, ketchup, or red wine sit on these finishes for an extended period of time, the finish may be altered but since copper is a living metal it will heal, or re- patina itself over time, often in a matter of days.

Our Satin Nickel finish (also called Brushed Nickel) is accomplished by plating nickel over copper and then meticulously hand-brushing the piece. This finish is also very easy to maintain. If acidic items are left on the nickel finish for extended periods of time they may leave a slight dark mark, but this is easily removed with any brand of “No.7 Chrome Polish” that can be found at hardware stores.

We guarantee you will love your new copper sink and that it will remain the feature piece in any room for years to come!

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3 Responses to “How to care for your Copper Sink”

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  2. Kitchen sinks says:

    Good post. Caring for copper sinks is similar to caring for stainless steel sinks.

  3. Great post, And very informative…!!!
    And your tips are very nice,And very useful.
    I think your right, The Copper in general and in particular the finishes of our copper sinks are very simple to maintain.
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